356 R Coupe

The 356 R utilises our same safety technology running a full space frame system , but unlike our 356 classic range offers full arm suspension front and rear same as 904  setup supported by a fully adjustable coil over suspension for handling characteristics that are second to none.

The main design difference in the 356 R is the  innovation of the increased engine bay size which allows the options on the engine and transmission sizes designed around the fitment of a porsche 911 flat six air cooled and to run 4 or 5 speed 901 gearbox With this mid engine design it allows the room for the option of the modern Subaru impreza engine even the turbo version is available this means power and delivery is truly available ! The only drawback to this option is the rear seat area becomes a bulk head (larger parcel shelf area) to house the larger engine

Body styling is brought to the 356 R in the form of the best of the 1950s racing track styling available in a wide range of superb paint including classic gulf racing colours
With stylish sports interior trim
Mid engined two seater configuration
Fuel  filler cap exposed through bonnet
Exhaust exits neatly though the rear of the body
The chrome strips are removed from both sides of the vehicles and smoothed to add the look of the clean racing lines wheels (powder coated in various colour options) or Fuchs alloys available in options of finishes
Short throw shifter is added to the transmission
Lowered stance (ride height)
Louvered ‘Carrera style’ Rear Deck Lid
No bumpers again light weight and cleaner lines  (optional if required)
Chassis is modded Wheelbase is 4” longer (allowing for larger cabin ) Vehicle  is 6” wider in rear than the classic range  (to accommodate large 18×10” rear wheels) also 3” wider in front (to accommodate 18×8” front wheels) Roofline has been reduced  2.5” to compliment the widening and lengthening of the car.  OEM front and rear window glass,  with the use of reduced size rear quarter windows and door windows due to the reduce roof line

The 356 R is truly fantastic and rivals the performance  and handling of most fast road and race cars to date  but with truly beautiful classic lines it makes it stand out from the crowd .

Standard Features of the PSI 356 R Coupe

Engine: Porsche 4 cyl
Transmission: 901 Gearbox
Body: Hand laid fiberglass (Body,doors,hood,rear decklid,door frames,dash)
Frame: Steel Tube Racing Style Space Frame
Front Suspension: A frame
Rear Suspension: A frame
Floor: Stamped steel OEM fitting pan
Electrical – All electrical including wire harness, fuse box, diagrams, switches, lighting, etc.
Brakes – 4 wheel disc brakes
Interior – Carpet kit, headliner, seats, trim, shifter with knob, steering wheel, gauges, switches, pedal assembly seatbelts,etc.
Wheels – Wide 5 steel wheels
Glass – OEM Windshield, Rear Window, Side Glass and Quarter Glass
Suspension – Coil over shocks
Steering – Replacement 356/VW Style Steering Assembly
Exterior – Badges, emblems, mirrors, headlight and tailight assemblies
Fuel System – Fuel tank, lines, linkage, cap, etc.
Cooling system – Oil cooler, lines, filter

Optional Extras

Stock 356 OEM Fuel Tank with all fittings
Stock 356 Battery Cage, straps, and all fittings
Stock 356 Floor pans, tunnel, sills, rockers, etc for restoration quality sub interior
Premium Steering Wheel
Aluminum Drum Covers for wheels
Wilwood Brake Calipers, Pedals, and Resevoirs
Leather Seats
Premium Shifter kit and knob
Upgraded Hella lighting

Specs and Upgrades

Transmission Type
Porsche 901 5 spd – optional
Steering – Rack&Pinion
Right hand drive standard
Left hand drive upon request
Engine Options
Porsche 4 cyl 2.0L (from 914) 140hp
Porsche 6 cyl 2.7 (from 911) 200 hp
Speedster Style vented seat Leather
356 Coupe Seat Leather
Seat Heaters
Wide 5 Steel 15×4.5 fr/15×5.5 rr Silver
Wide 5 Alum 15×5 fr/15×6 rr Silver
Porsche Fuchs 15×5 fr/15×6 rr Any
Powder coat custom color