Standard Features of the PSI Spyder

Engine: Designed to accept VW Type 1 or Porsche 4 cyl, Type 1 engine as default
Transmission: VW Type 1 4spd (Swing Axle)
Body: Hand laid fiberglass body (Body,doors,hood,rear bonnet,dash)
Frame: Steel Tube Racing Style Space Frame
Front Suspension: Double A-Arms with coilover shocks
Rear Suspension: Trailing Arms with coilover shocks
Floor: Aluminium Floor
Electrical – All electrical including wire harness, fuse box, diagrams, switches, lighting, etc.
Brakes – 4 wheel disc brakes
Interior – Carpet kit, seats, trim, shifter with knob, steering wheel, gauges, switches, pedal assembly,etc.
Wheels – Wide 5 steel wheels
Windshield – Chrome Speedster style windshield. Custom windscreen avail upon request
Steering – Rack&Pinion 911 Steering assembly
Exterior – Badges, emblems, mirrors
Fuel System – Fuel tank, lines, linkage, cap, etc.
Cooling system – Oil cooler, lines, filter

Optional Extras

Aluminum Racing Fuel Tank with spare wheel
Premium Steering Wheel
Aluminum Drum Covers for wheels
Wilwood Brake Calipers, Pedals, and Resevoirs
Leather Seats
Premium Shifter kit and knob

Specs and Upgrades

Height 46″ / 121 cm
Length 144″ / 356 cm
Width 65″ / 165 cm
Wheel Base 89″ / 226 cm
Track – front&rear 52″ / 132 cm
Dry weight 1500lbs /681 kg
Body Construction Hand laid fiberglass
Chassis Tubular Steel Chassis
Frame 1.25″ and 1.5″ steel tubing
Suspension Front Beam front / Coil Over shocks
Rear Suspension Trailing Arms / Coil Over shocks
Brakes 4 wheel disc
Clutch Hydraulic
Option – 90″ Wheelbase
*Includes A-Arm front suspension
*Independent Rear Suspension
Transmission Type
Type 1 VW 4 spd – default
Porsche 901 5 spd – optional
Steering – Rack&Pinion 
Right hand drive standard
Left hand drive upon request
Motor Options
VW 4 cyl 1915cc dual carbs 105hp
Subaru 2.2L or 2.5L 175hp
Subaru 2.2L or 2.5L Turbo 250hp
Porsche 4 cyl 2.0L (from 914) 140hp
Porsche 6 cyl 2.7 (from 911) 200 hp
Speedster Style vented seat Leather
Spyder Style Seat Leather
Seat Heaters
Tonneau Cover (Full) Canvas
Wide 5 Steel 15×4.5 fr/15×5.5 rr Silver
Wide 5 Alum 15×5 fr/15×6 rr Silver
Porsche Fuchs 15×5 fr/15×6 rr Any
Powder coat custom color